Create your own custom CDs at the myMedia Burn Bar™

The Bible House Music Department has a wide variety of Gospel, Contemporary and Alternative CDs.  We also offer a unique service called myMedia Burn Bar

myMedia Burn Bar™ allows you to burn or download digital music, DVDs, Bible Software, Video Games and Audio Books. You can “burn” a personally selected list of various artists on one CD.  Included in the price is a CD case with printed playlist. Choose from a variety of designs to create a personalized label.

Attention SINGERS:  Accompaniment Tracks are available both in-store or through special order. More than 11,000 accompaniment tracks are available for immediate download/burn to a CD.

Frequently Asked Questions about burning Accompaniment Tracks in the store:

Is the CD provided? Yes, and the case along with a printed CD Cover.

What about the lyrics? The lyrics are printed on the CD cover.

Are different voice ranges of the same song available? Yes, accompaniment tracks come with the original vocal track, same key without vocals, and higher and lower keys.

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